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Scale and Reach

Global Merch boasts over 1 million square feet of production and distribution space across strategic locations, enabling vast and flexible capabilities.

Advance Equipment

With 27 high-capacity automatic presses and the ability to store over 20 million apparel units, Global Merch excels in high-volume production, exceeding 50 million prints annually.’

Full-Branding Capabilities

Specializing in full-branding solutions, we offer customized branding from neck labels to branded packaging, enhancing customer experiences and brand recognition.

Innovative Printing Technologies

Global Merch employs cutting-edge printing technologies, including the Kornit XDi for transformative 3D textile printing and the high-speed Kornit Apollo Printer for efficient direct-to-garment production.

Organic Traffic Support

Simplified SEO
We employ straightforward and effective SEO tactics to improve your storefront’s visibility in search engine results, making your brand more discoverable to your audience.
Content Strategies
Our team collaborates with you to develop content that resonates with your audience, boosting organic traffic to your store.

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Trusted by over 30,000 content creators around the world.

Whether you are Tiktoker, Streamer or Youtuber, Global Merch tries our best to elevate your experiential journey.


Content Creators around the world choose Global Merch


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Facilities in Vietnam, China, Europe and United States


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What are Global Merch’s printing capabilities?

Global Merch features advanced printing technologies like Kornit XDi for 3D textile printing, Kornit Apollo for high-speed direct-to-garment printing, and Atlas Max series for vibrant prints on various fabrics. Our screen printing is efficient and cost-effective for diverse order sizes.

How large is Global Merch’s production scale?

We have over 1 million square feet of production space across key locations, facilitating large-scale manufacturing and distribution.

Does Global Merch offer branding services?

Yes, we provide full-branding solutions, including custom labeling, packaging, and unique branding elements to enhance customer experiences.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Our screen printing offers lower minimum order requirements than direct-to-garment printing, suitable for various business sizes.

Do you support eco-friendly practices?

Global Merch is committed to sustainability, sourcing eco-friendly materials and integrating green practices into our production processes.

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