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Global network of factories

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Real-time dashboards

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Fanbase-targeted storefront

Content-Merch Integration Consulting

SEO for your merch listings

Email Marketing Solution

Exclusive Merchandise Development

Customization Feature for Fans

Effective E-commerce Strategies

Your merch, a trendsetter

Unique and Personalized Merchandise

Diversified Product Range

Quality Over Quantity

Seasonal Merch Collection Realease

Sustainable and Ethical Options

Our Capabilities

Product Design and Development

The ability to create unique, high-quality merchandise that aligns with the creator’s vibe. This includes skills in graphic design, product development, and an understanding of current trends and consumer preferences.

Technology Integration

Ability to integrate advanced technologies like customization tools, and interactive experiences into the merchandising process Your fans can personalize their Merch and you can also engage more to them.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Efficient handling of production, inventory management, and global distribution. This involves working with reliable suppliers and managing the logistics of shipping and delivery.

E-commerce and Digital Marketing Expertise

Proficiency in e-commerce platforms, digital marketing strategies, and social media promotion. This includes SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising.



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Content Creators around the world choose Global Merch


Units are produced every year


Facilities in Vietnam, China, Europe and United States


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What are Global Merch’s printing capabilities?

Global Merch features advanced printing technologies like Kornit XDi for 3D textile printing, Kornit Apollo for high-speed direct-to-garment printing, and Atlas Max series for vibrant prints on various fabrics. Our screen printing is efficient and cost-effective for diverse order sizes.

How large is Global Merch’s production scale?

We have over 1 million square feet of production space across key locations, facilitating large-scale manufacturing and distribution.

Does Global Merch offer branding services?

Yes, we provide full-branding solutions, including custom labeling, packaging, and unique branding elements to enhance customer experiences.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Our screen printing offers lower minimum order requirements than direct-to-garment printing, suitable for various business sizes.

Do you support eco-friendly practices?

Global Merch is committed to sustainability, sourcing eco-friendly materials and integrating green practices into our production processes.

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What are the shipping costs?
What if my shipment needs to be resent?
Can I ship to multiple addresses?
Can I ship to PO boxes or military addresses?
Are VAT taxes included?

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